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How effective are your meetings? Do they have agendas? How long does it take for meeting minutes to be produced? Are they produced within moments of a meeting ending or do they take days or sometimes weeks to be sent out? Do people provide updates on their meeting actions prior to the next meeting, or is valuable time wasted going round the table to get detailed updates from people on the status of their actions?

minITs is simple, powerful, meeting minutes software. It will allow you to:

• Plan meetings
• Create and distribute meeting agendas
• Record attendance at a meeting including absentees and apologies
• Capture new actions and review existing ones
• Distribute meeting minutes at the touch of a button
• Send people their actions via email
• Track actions through to completion
• View the status of actions across all meetings

minITs is available from as little as £2 per user/month.

"The Meetings functionality within minITs now allows regular meetings to be recorded, planned and actions assigned in real time. Action notes and minutes are then automatically created and distrubuted far more efficiently."

SWFTWarwickshire NHS | United Kingdom

"Project-based meetings are also proving to be more effective now that minITs is used to capture the meeting’s actions. Now, by the time anyone attending the meeting is back at their desks, their actions have been automatically documented and sent to their Inbox."

South BirminghamNHS Trust | United Kindgom

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